Join the peak atmosphere of Erätaika 2022!

The Erätaika 2022 fair will be held in Kuopio Hall from 6 to 8 May 2022in the city of Kuopio, Finland by
Savon Erämessut Ltd.

The fair will feature the latest news and a variety of interesting ones for those interested in hunting, fishing,
outdoor activities, exercise, hiking and dog hobbies. The list of things to be presented will be so extensive
that there will be an interesting offer for everyone who moves in nature.
The term 2022 is especially aimed at families, but everyone interested in moving around in nature is
guaranteed to enjoy the fair. Our theme is Together with nature for the whole family.

About 30,000 people have visited the previous three-day-long Erätaika fairs. In May 2022 the number of
visitors is expected to be the same, if not higher! The number of people moving in nature has been on the
rise in recent years and Erätaika 2022 intends to contribute to this interest and maintain enthusiasm.
We are welcoming both Erätaika 2022 fair visitors and exhibitors.

Erätaika 2022 fair time:

Erätaika 2022 visiting hours:
Fri 10.00 –18.00
Sat 10.00 –17.00
Sun 10.00 –17.00

Information for potential exhibitors at the fair:
Should you be interested in acting as an exhibitor at the Erätaika 2022 fair, kindly fill in this application at
the latest by 31.3.2022.

Please do not hesitate to contact for funther information and instructions how to
register your company in case of not being able to fill the application form in Finnish.

We are happy to help you!